Club na Múinteoirí, 36 Parnell Square, 12th May 2015 4.30pm

We are delighted to welcome guitarist Alex Baboian and his trio to Dublin from Boston USA for the first of our Summer Jazz series on 10th May 2015 at 4.30pm 36 Parnell Square.


Alex’s interests and background are far-ranging – his father is a professor of guitar at Berklee College of Music, his aunt an ethnomusicologist active in Southern Africa, and Alex himself studied electronic music production and sound design – and thus his sound on the instrument is unique yet somehow familiar. It a rare opportunity for Ireland to hear a major emerging jazz talent from the USA. He has performed in halls, jazz clubs, and smaller venues in Japan, South Korea, the US East Coast, and all over Europe.  His new album Curiosity has been warmly received, and was recently given a four star review on  Alex Baboian’s ‘Curiosity’ is the result of the artistic wanderings of a musician in the years immediately following the completion of his musical studies at Berklee college of Music. His music is that of an artist possessing that most basic of creative qualities. He is curious not just about music but our lives in this world. The album’s other musicians share this quality – they approach the music with open ears that are eager to listen and to learn. The core trio consists of Thomas Wandell and Dylan Coleman, and was formed in 2009. Adding layers to select tracks are guest saxophonists Michael Sachs and Rafael Aguiar.

To hear Alex his full album is available to stream here:


Drummer Thomas Wandell hails from the Hudson Valley area of New York State. He possesses a deep, primitive energy that consistently looks forward. He passionately plays the traditional role of ‘drummer,’ but at heart, he is an explorer with a keen sense of humour. He has always pursued his own path – he lasted only one day in high school, and studied jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, despite little knowledge of the music prior to his enrollment. There he met Dylan and Alex, with whom he has been working for many years now. His artistic curiosity shows in the diversity of his projects. He and Alex composed short stories with improvised musical interludes in the project Rocking Chair. Last year in Dublin he played with the trio WALRUS, whose performances included a gallery opening, improvised film scoring, and a tribute to R. Kelly, alongside more traditional ‘jazz’ gigs. He has also toured in Europe with Ludmila Stefanikova, a vibraphonist from Slovakia, and recorded an album with Brazilian saxophonist Rafael Aguiar, to be released on Inner Circle Records.


Bassist Dylan Coleman was born and raised in central Massachusetts. At 13, he bought an electric bass to fill a missing position in a local band. At 16, he participated in the MA All-State Jazz Ensemble, and was inspired by young, high-level jazz musicians to take up the acoustic bass. His studies at Berklee College of Music exposed him to musicians and traditions from all over the globe. He has toured and recorded with many jazz ensembles, but is most passionate about music that crosses boundaries – he is a member of the chameleon-like trio WALRUS, and the storytelling jazz ensemble Rocking Chair. His project Piano Bench (co-led by Alex Baboian, with Marton Juhasz on drums) performs jazz arrangements of piano music of the early 20th century and, in 2013, released an album and toured central and eastern Europe. He has provided bass lines and co-production to numerous releases by US experimental hip-hop artist STINO. His sensitivity to intonation on the bass has more recently taken him to the workshop of master piano tuner/technician Eugene Roe, with whom he currently studies those arts.

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