36 Parnell Square, 4.30pm 19th October 2014


Iulian Pusca Pan-Flute and Anastasia Larionova Piano

Iulian Pusca began his musical education at Maria Biesu School of Arts in his home town in Moldova, Stefan- Voda, and studied with pan-flute professor, Ion Negura, at the Music Lyceum “Ciprian Porumbescu”. He pursued higher education at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Visual Arts (Kishinev, Moldova). Iulian now lives in Ireland, where he has completed his Masters in Music at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, where he studies with Ciaran O’Connell and Keith Pascoe.
Iulian Pusca is an exceptionally talented young artist, well known for his astonishing pan-flute skills across a wide range of genres including classical, jazz and Moldovan folklore music. He has toured throughout Europe, playing with many well known musicians and performing as soloist with orchestras, including the Moldova National Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra, the Kishinev Chamber Orchestra of Organ Hall, the Jalas–Jarven Symphony Orchestra Finland, Schwerin Symphonic Orchestra Germany and many other folk orchestras and renaissance ensembles. He has received international prizes in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Korea and in 2008 he became an Honored Artist of Moldova. In 2012 he won the coveted “Freemason Musician of the Year” Award.


Anastasia Larionova was born in 1986 in Chisinau (Rep. of Moldova). At the age of five she started her piano education with Nina Pryadko in Republican Musical Lycée “S. Rackmaninoff”. From December 2001 she was working under guidance of Irina Stolyar and received her Bachelor degree in 2006. Following her Diploma, Anastasia continued her studies in The Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts with Anatoly Lapicus and Irina Savina.
She performed in numerous concerts and competitions from an early age. Aside from her solo playing, Anastasia also is well experienced as an accompanist to instrumental/vocal soloists and ensembles as well as choirs.
In 2012 Anastasia moved in Dublin. Recently she won the Galway Music Residency Rising Stars together with Iulian Pusca participating as a duo, and performed at a few different concerts alongside with ConTempo String Quartet. Also, she had an opportunity to accompany Iulian at a masterclass with Sir James Galway, which took place in the Royal Academy. In October she performed with Iulian at the Final of the Freemasons Young Musician of the Year competition as special guests.

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