16 North Great George’s Street, 4.30pm 13th September 2014


On the 12th-14th September, the Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival comes to the RDS.

Our friends at Mrs Doyle’s Tea are delighted to be involved in the inaugural year of the festival and so invite you to join us for an afternoon of music, tea and cakes on Saturday 13th September at 4.30pm. We have found the perfect musical accompaniment to Mrs Doyle’s Tea, 4 in a Bar.


4 in a Bar is Ireland’s leading vocal harmony and barbershop quartet and the reigning IABS (Irish Association of Barbershop Singing) National Champion Quartet of Ireland. We are delighted that they will be joining us for an afternoon of fun and harmony.

The Cobalt Cafe, 16 North Great George’s Street will host this performance. We are delighted to keep our tradition of discovering new and exciting venues, so you may explore some more of North Georgian’s Hidden Gems!


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